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Panasonic LUMIX S1H Full-frame Mirrorless Camera’s Firmware Has Been Developed: To Record Apple ProRes RAW on Atomos Ninja V and Achieve Maximum 5.9K/29.97p RAW Video Data Output to Atomos Ninja V 4K HDR Monitor-Recorder over HDMI

Panasonic LUMIX S1H with Atomos Ninja V

This is an update to the previous blog, Panasonic LUMIX S1H Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera with 6K/24p Recording Capability + Atomos Ninja V: To Develop Raw Output Over HDMI from the LUMIX S1H Camera to the Atomos Ninja V Monitor Recorder.

The following video presents Panasonic S1H Anamorphic Setup on IBC2019:
Panasonic S1H Anamorphic Setup on IBC2019

In this video we talk with Lumix Ambassador Daimon Xanthopoulos about the S1H. We discuss the versatility of the system and how Daimon uses the system to be creative. I really like the S1H as a tool. And in 2020 Panasonic + Atomos will come with Prores RAW workflow…
Video by: Victor Bart
Camera: Brittany Post Swan
Editor: Edward Calderhead
Graphics: Walter Brokx


LUMIX S1H Firmware Development Underway for Maximum 5.9K/29.97p RAW Video Data Output to Atomos Ninja V

Sep 13, 2019

Osaka, Japan – Panasonic Corporation has announced the development of a firmware program for the LUMIX S1H full-frame mirrorless camera which enables the output of maximum 5.9K/29.97p RAW video data to the Atomos Ninja V 4K HDR monitor-recorder over HDMI. The program is scheduled to be launched in early 2020.

The LUMIX S1H is the world’s first camera to combine the professional-level video quality and high mobility of the mirrorless camera. It is capable of video recording at 6K/24p(*1) (3:2 aspect ratio), 5.9K/29.97p (16:9 aspect ratio), and 10-bit 59.94p 4K/C4K.(*2) (*3) The LUMIX S1H will be introduced to the global market from late September, 2019.

Panasonic has established a good partnership with Atomos, a global company that creates video equipment for professional film creators, through the development of digital cameras such as the achievement of 4:2:2 10-bit 4K video output over HDMI in the LUMIX GH Series of cameras.

Working together with Atomos, a new firmware program that enables maximum 5.9K/29.97p as well as C4K(*3)/59.94p RAW video data over HDMI has been developed. With this firmware program, the Apple ProRes RAW can be recorded on Atomos Ninja V, which is one of Panasonic’s commitments to provide innovative solutions for professional film creation.

The LUMIX S1H prototype installing this firmware program will be exhibited along with the Atomos Ninja V in the Panasonic booth (Booth No. C45, Hall 11) at the IBC2019 (International Broadcasting Convention) to be held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, through 13-17 September, 2019.

*1 As a full-frame digital interchangeable lens system camera, as of August 27, 2019. Panasonic research.
*2 As a full-frame digital interchangeable lens system camera, as of August 27, 2019. Panasonic research. In Super 35mm-equivalent size.
*3 Corresponding to 4K (4096×2160) as defined by Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI).

The following video presents LUMIX S1H – Go Behind the Scenes with our Video Creators:
Filmmaking just got more interesting thanks to the Panasonic LUMIX S1H full-frame mirrorless camera. Go behind the scenes with our LUMIX S1H video creators for an exclusive look at how they got the shot. Featuring content shot by David Smith, Carissa Dorson, Jacob Schwarz, and Nick Dabas

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