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Panasonic Introduces HC-W570 HD Camcorder With Twin Camera, HC-V270 and HC-V160

Panasonic HC-V270
Panasonic HC-V270
Panasonic HC-V270

Panasonic HC-V270

Panasonic Canada has announced three new Full HD camcorders for spring – the HC-W570, HC-V270, and HC-V160. All three models are equipped with a 2.2 megapixel back-illuminated sensor (BSI), long optical zoom (50x in W570 and V270, 38x in V160) and wide angle lens (28mm in W570 and V270, 32.3mm in V160). The HC-W570 also features Twin Camera, where a rotatable second camera on the side of the LCD screen allows you to shoot different angles (capturing two scenes simultaneously) and layer the images onto one file with a Picture-In-Picture effect (PIP).


Panasonic’s new Full HD camcorders combine outstanding zoom performance and a host of innovative shooting options

Take your amateur movies to the next level with 50x optical zoom and easy-to-use creative features

LAS VEGAS, NV (January 5, 2015) – Panasonic today added three models to its range of Full HD camcorders – the HC-W570, HC-V270, and HC-V160. All three models provide zoom capability normally associated with top-of-the-range video cameras, while added Image Stabilization functionality means even beginners can capture stunning, professional-looking video. Each new camcorder incorporates an array of easy-to-use features, making filming friends and family more enjoyable and creative than ever.

Clarity, zoom and stability
All three models are equipped with a 2.2 megapixel back-illuminated sensor (BSI) that enables you to capture those special moments in stunning Full HD. With a 28mm wide angle lens (32.3mm in V160) you’ll be able to include more in the frame for truly cinematic results.

Panasonic’s new Full HD camcorders also incorporate amazing zoom performance compared to other camcorders in their class. The HC-W570 and HC-V270 models boast a remarkable 50x optical zoom and 90x Intelligent Zoom, allowing you to get closer to the action, whether you’re shooting beautiful scenery or recording your family playing sports. Users of the HC-V160 can also join in on the action, with access to 38x optical and 77x Intelligent Zoom.

With such powerful zoom capability, it’s important that footage remains level and vibration-free. The Level Shot function, which automatically detects tilting and levels the image, is available with both the HC-W570 and HC-V270 models. The setting can be adjusted to one of three levels (OFF, Normal, Strong) depending on the shooting conditions.

Similarly, five-axis HYBRID O.I.S.+ (Optical Image Stabilizer) counteracts the effect of hand vibrations, which is especially useful when taking shots at the highest level of zoom. You can be confident that those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities won’t be ruined as a result of blurring.

Panasonic HC-W570

Panasonic HC-W570

Creative cinematic worlds – Twin Camera
The HC-W570 also features a rotatable second camera on the side of the LCD screen. Panasonic proudly presents Twin Camera. This sub camera allows you to shoot different angles capturing two scene simultaneously and layers the images onto one file with a Picture-In-Picture effect (PIP). With the rotatable second camera you can get creative.

  • Turn the sub camera towards the film maker and effectively capturing a selfie like experience. The person behind the lens can also be a part of those extra special family movies.
  • Turn the sub camera towards a sub-scene and capture their reaction to the main scene, great for soccer games capturing the crowd’s reaction to that winning goal!
  • Turn the sub camera towards the main scene and experience the action in close up detail with the main lens while viewing the wide angle view of the entire scene.

Wireless Twin Camera
Panasonic is also excited to present Wireless Twin Camera, allowing the user to utilize their Wi-Fi capable smart phone or tablet as the sub camera. With a range of approx 50’ from the camcorder this allows limitless options and creative angles. These innovative features allow for even greater creative freedom and excitement when capturing memorable moments.

The HC-W570’s Twin Camera functionality also includes a practical back up function and Narration Mode. Back up enables the main camera image and the picture-in-picture video to be recorded separately so that the main camera image can be played back without the sub window of the second lens showing. The Narration Mode emphasizes the camera user’s voice so that crisp and clear commentary can be added to the movie without the interference of background noise.

All three models also incorporate Creative Control for that extra bit of artistic flair. Options such as Miniature Effect, 8mm Movie and Silent Movie enable you to add stunning effects to your video, setting your latest masterpiece apart from the rest.

The widest connectivity options
Incorporating Wi-Fi and NFC functionality, the HC-W570 and HC-V270 models make it easier than ever to shoot and share your favorite footage. With simple, one-touch NFC connection the camcorder can be linked to your smartphone or tablet to unlock a host of innovative features. With Panasonic Image App you can use your mobile device as a remote viewfinder and change settings without laying a finger on the camcorder itself. You can also live-stream your footage straight to USTREAM, or share it on social media with the single press of a button.

Panasonic HC-V160

Panasonic HC-V160

HC-W570, HC-V270 and HC-V160 features

Feature HC-W570 HC-V270 HC-V160
Sensor 2.2M BSI 2.2M BSI 2.2M BSI
Advanced + Wireless Twin Camera
Optical Zoom 50x 50x 38x
Level Shot Function and 5-Axis Hand-Shake Detection
Level Gauge
Creative Control
Wi-Fi + NFC

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