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Panasonic Firmware Updates (Jan. 19, 2016) for VariCam 35 4K & Varicam HS Professional Cameras (Ver 5.10-00-0.01) / Recorders (Ver 5.10-00-0.02): Provide Improvements

The following video presents Panasonic VariCam end user testimonial | The legacy continues:

Hear about diverse production stories and get an insight into experience of pioneers working with a Panasonic VariCam.

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Panasonic released the VariCam Software (Firmware) Updates Version 5.10-00-0.01 for both Varicam 35 (model AU-V35C1G) and Varicam HS (model AU-V23HS1G), and Ver 5.10-00-0.02 for Recorder (model AU-VREC1G) on Jan. 19, 2016.


  1. While Codex V-RAW Recorder is connected, if REC is restarted immediately after it is stopped, there may be a system error. This issue is addressed.
  2. The date and time indicator may be reset when incorrect time data is received from GPS module. Improvement is introduced so that it is not reset even if incorrect data is received.

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The following video presents Shooting in Low Light with Panasonic’s Varicam 35:

As seen at NAB 2015, Panasonic’s Varicam 35 has dual native ISOs that allow astonishing low-light cinema quality at 5000 ISO. This feature alone is superior to night vision, setting it apart from other cameras in its class and making it a more than ideal solution for low-light shooting.

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