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Panasonic Environment Vision 2050: “To achieve “a better life” and “a sustainable global environment,” Panasonic will create more and make better use of energy than it uses, aiming for a society with clean energy and a more comfortable living”

Panasonic Environment Vision 2050

The following video presents Panasonic is pursuing “A Better Life, A Better World:
“A Better Life, A Better World” encapsulates Panasonic’s vision of expanding and pursuing a better life for each individual customer through our products and solutions, whether in the home, the community, in business, in travel or in the car, and then realizing a better world globally through our contribution to the environment and other activities, across both our B2C and B2B businesses.”


Jun 5, 2017

Panasonic Announces Environment Vision toward 2050

Osaka, Japan -Panasonic Corporation today announced its new, long-term environment vision called “Panasonic Environment Vision 2050” that guides the Panasonic Group to practice environmentally sustainable management toward 2050.

Ever since its founding in 1918, Panasonic has been implementing business activities based on its corporate philosophy of contributing to better lives of people around the world and to the development of the society through business activities. In striving toward this ideal, the environment has been one of the important elements defining the group’s activities. Panasonic is working in line with the current environmental action plan, Green Plan 2018 (GP2018) formulated in 2010, that was designed mainly to reduce CO2 emissions from production activities and product use.

With the goals set in GP2018 already within reach, Panasonic has set a clearer direction for environmental management toward 2050. The new vision also reflects the company’s more diversified business, including consumer electronics, housing, automotive and B2B, which entails expanded environmental efforts toward a sustainable society while providing a better life for each individual customer under its slogan “A Better Life, A Better World.”

Many of Panasonic’s products consume energy such as electricity for the life of the product. Under the new environment vision, Panasonic will strive not only to reduce the amount of energy consumption of its products but also enhance its energy creation and storage businesses and reduce the impact on the global environment by contributing to increasing opportunities for utilizing clean energy in various situations in society. Furthermore, Panasonic, as a global corporate citizen, aims to provide a benefit to the environment by creating more energy than it uses.

To realize this vision, Panasonic will also work on enhancing development of related technologies.
The outline of the Panasonic Environment Vision 2050 is as follows.

Panasonic Environment Vision 2050

To achieve “a better life” and “a sustainable global environment,” Panasonic will create more and make better use of energy than it uses, aiming for a society with clean energy and a more comfortable living.

• Activities for achieving the vision

1. Panasonic will create a safe and secure society with clean energy


(1) Provide eco-conscious and smart living space
“Panasonic will realize a living space with electricity created by clean energy and batteries storing such electricity, without causing impacts on the global environment.”

<Related technology>
• Energy creation: Next-generation solar cell technology, fuel cell technology, etc.
• Energy storage: Next-generation storage battery technology, hydrogen storage technology, etc.
• Energy saving: Next-generation power device technology, thermal insulation and waste heat-related technology, etc.
• Energy management: Small-scale distributed power technology, smart house-related technology, etc.

(2) Contribute to eco-conscious and smart travel and transport

“Panasonic will contribute to achieving smooth travel and transport through a storage battery system and IT solutions.”

< Related technology >
• Next-generation storage battery technology for eco-cars, next-generation logistics- and transport-related technology, etc.

2. Panasonic will promote businesses aiming for a sustainable society


(1) Promote effective utilization of resources

“Panasonic will aim for sustainable use of resources through the reuse of parts and materials and product recycling.”

< Related technology >
Recycling technology, etc.

(2) Promote creation of factories with zero CO2 emissions

“Panasonic will utilize its own environmental technologies and products and reduce CO2 emissions from its factories.”

• Shift to LED lightings (To be completed by the end of March 2019 for LED-ready locations)
• Install photovoltaic power generation systems (To be completed by the end of March 2021 for PV-ready locations)

Related technology
• Smart manufacturing, energy-saving technologies, FEMS technology, etc.

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