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Panasonic AU-EVA1, the 5.7K Super 35 Sensor Compact Cinema Camera: Firmware Update Ver. 1.10 (Jan. 11, 2018) Provides Eight Improvements

The following video presents EVA1: Footage that makes your dreams come true – Trailer | Panasonic:
The AU-EVA1 is a newly-developed digital cinema camera, designed by Panasonic for shooting the ultimate dream footage. No matter the conditions, AU-EVA1’s features make every cinematographer’s dreams come true. It’s Dual Native ISO and 5.7K Super 35 mm Sensor create stunning imagery and make the professional camera a must-have for every filmmaker…

The latest product from Panasonic is the EVA1. The compact and lightweight camera features a newly-designed 5.7K Super 35mm Sensor in addition to the Dual Native ISO, making it perfectly suited for documentaries, events, commercials, and music videos. Explore your undiscovered creativity and capture the highest quality images for a truly cinematic film production.

With Panasonic’s professional cinema camera….EVA1 you’ll not only enjoy a variety of premium filmmaking applications, you’ll also create video footage with a superb cinematography in any given situation. Our YouTube channel provides you with videos featuring VariCam and EVA1, Behind the Scenes moments, tutorials, and footage shot on them.

Panasonic recently announced the following firmware update:

Panasonic AU-EVA1 series (Models AU-EVA1P AU-EVA1PJ AU-EVA1EJ AU-EVA1EN AU-EVA1ED AU-EVA1AN AU-EVA1PX AU-EVA1MC): Firmware Ver. 1.10

The eight improvements:

  1. When the HDMI output is connected to BT-LH1850 monitor and displayed on it, once the monitor’s input setting is switched to SDI, “No Signal” is shown and no image will be displayed any more even if the setting is put back to HDMI. This problem is fixed.
  2. Display of SENSOR TEMP at low temperatures is improved.
  3. Panning at high speed may cause ghosting. This problem is fixed.
  4. Focus Assists are not displayed on the SDI output destination when the LCD panel is disconnected. This problem is fixed.
  5. An image on the LCD is defective when Open Iris F. A. is enabled. This problem is fixed.
  6. Error in information superimposed on SDI (payload) at 24.00 Hz is corrected to 60.00.
  7. Even if the Wi-Fi setting is switched from INFRA to DIRECT, the display of IP address will not change. This problem is fixed.
  8. The camera cannot connect to Wi-Fi using D-Link DWA-171 (For Australian Market). This problem is fixed.

For other important info, and to download the firmware update, please visit: .

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