One Tree, 365 Days

Image grab from video below
They say that, in life, when we look too closely at the one tree, we tend to miss the larger forest. We need to sometimes back off and get the big picture and a better perspective. But Bruno D’Amicis and Umberto Esposito ignored this advice and instead did just the contrary: they quite literally kept one tree in the forest under camera observation for 365 days. And what did the camera see? Not much happens unless you’re there to witness it. Here, in a 2:47 video, a year’s worth of activity is wonderfully depicted, including the big brown bear that shows up at around 2:00 to do what bears love to do when they meet a tree they like. Most other animals, though, seem to ignore the tree or sniff around it. One (wily?) red fox looked right at the camera (or so it seems).