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Olympus Announces DP-10 Digital Audio Recorder

Olympus DP-10 Digital Audio Recorder

Olympus DP-10 Digital Audio Recorder

New Olympus DP-10 Digital Audio Recorder Merges Simplicity with Technology

“Microcassette Successor” Gives Consumers the Best of Both Worlds

CENTER VALLEY, Pa., August 18, 2010 – Olympus, the market leader for portable digital voice recorders and professional dictation devices, has combined established features such as simplicity with style for modern functionality in launching its new DP-10 digital audio recorder. The DP-10 is a “microcassette successor,” featuring the simple design and operation of analog recorders but with the memory, recording quality, battery life and storage capacity of a digital device.

Individuals looking for simplicity will be pleased with the look, feel and function of the DP-10. About the size of a deck of cards, the DP-10 fits neatly in the palm of your hand. The size of the LCD screen is impressive at 1.78 inches wide, and features a large, easy-to-read font.

Generously sized and easy to reach, the “Play”, “Stop” and “Record” buttons are located directly below the LCD screen. Each function button is color-coordinated to further enhance ease-of-use. The “Rewind” and “Fast-Forward” buttons allow for fast and slow playback to help easily find specific segments in audio files. A large front speaker is prominently positioned at the bottom of the device making it very easy to listen to files. A volume control wheel is located on top of the recorder and the “Erase” button is positioned off to the side to prevent data loss error during handling.

Recording in high-quality WMA format, the DP-10 boasts 63 hours of battery life. Set to LP mode, the device can record for more than 131 consecutive hours – allowing for plenty of recording time.

Complementing the memory is an easy-to-use interface that enables users to arrange files through a “calendar search.” This gives users the ability to organize recordings by date and time, as well as search for past recordings with ease.

In addition to the search function, DP-10 users will benefit from fast and slow playback settings that make note taking and transcription easy and efficient. The Noise Cancellation and Microphone Sense Settings are two other great functions of the DP-10 that help create premium recordings regardless of the environment. The Noise Cancellation blocks out unnecessary background noises so audio is captured with optimum clarity. The Microphone Sense Setting can be adjusted easily with the side button and set at ‘high’ or ‘low’. This feature adjusts the microphones to pick up faint sounds easier or soften loud sounds to allow for the best audio recording.

Olympus DP-10 Digital Audio Recorder

Olympus DP-10 Digital Audio Recorder


  • Large LCD screen (1.78 inches) and font size
  • Large front speaker and function buttons
  • Hi-quality WMA recording
  • 63 hours of battery life
  • 71 hours (HQ) / 131 hours (LP) of recording time
  • Easy-to-use calendar search (no folders) for added simplicity
  • Playback speed control
  • Noise cancellation
  • Four-language display – EN, SP, FR, PT
  • Microphone Sense Setting

The DP-10 digital audio device will be available at the end of August 2010. Two AAA alkaline batteries and an instruction manual are included.

DP-10 Estimated Street Price: CAD $39.99

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