Nikon D810: “Every Moment Counts (A Short Film Presented By Nikon Canada)”

With its new D810, Nikon demonstrates the advanced cinematic power of its HD-SLR cameras (D4S, D4 and D810) for capturing broadcast quality video in “Every Moment Counts,” a short film directed by Preston Kanak.

“Every Moment Counts” creates an intimate portrait of Manny Vaughn, a real-life cod fisherman from Nova Scotia’s New Minas/Centreville community.

The story is a slice of life representing essential themes of the local culture — hard work, family, and dedication — set against the breathtaking beauty of the region.

Preston Kanak is a celebrated cinematographer who specializes in short films and time-lapse photography. He filmed his latest project, the “Every Moment Counts” campaign, in select locations around Nova Scotia to create an intimate portrait of a local rural fisherman and the thrilling geography of East Coast life. His purpose was to capture and share the beauty of the Canada’s East Coast with the rest of the country.

Utilizing the Nikon D4S, D4 and D810 HD-SLR cameras exclusively to create a photo and video series, Preston sought to do justice to the country’s most distinctive province by capturing its rugged and earthy landscape, unique light conditions, memorable locations, and east-coast culture.

In order to fully capture the essence of the environment in challenging shooting situations, Preston utilized specialized camera movements using camera sliders, cranes, underwater housing and octocopters. He also took advantage of the Nikon D4’s powerful features to create a series of intimate, stylized portraits of the fisherman using continuous lighting setups.

The Every Moment Counts campaign includes a photo series, 30-second teaser, three-minute documentary and a behind-the-scenes video discussing the capabilities of Nikon’s professional HD-SLRs and the technical specifications that make the Nikon products indispensable for filmmakers.