Nikon D3s vs Canon EOS 1D Mark IV

Focus Numérique has a very interesting article where they interview three pro sports photographers who use the Nikon D3s (Bernard Papon) and the Canon EOS 1D Mark IV (Michel Birot and Julien Poupart) and learn how they use their cameras and what they like about them. The article is in French but you can get a translation here.

I find it very interesting that Bernard Papon simply sets his Nikon D3s to 1/1000 sec. at f/5.6 and ISO AUTO. He lets the camera selects the appropriate ISO because of the incredible low noise the Nikon gives even up to ISO 12800.

Michel Birot and Julien Poupart both regret the Canon’s Continuous Shooting limitiation when using RAW and dislike the smoothed out background at high ISOs (max ISO 6400).

As expected, none is willing to exchange cameras due to the investment in lenses and other equipments, as well as being comfortable with one particular workflow that works for them.

Read the article at: Focus Numérique.