Newspaper Editor Gets Offended by Reader’s Comment, Gets Him Fired

OK, that takes the cake! A reader makes a stupid (not criminal) comment on an article and, instead of simply deleting that comment, an editor goes overboard to track the IP address and eventually gets the author of the comment fired.

The editor probably thinks he’s a hero; he was pretty proud of what he accomplished.

That raises a number of questions:

  • Why was the offending comment published if it was offensive? Don’t they have filters that automatically reject these type of offensive posts?
  • Why not simply delete the comment? The problem with most blog software is that once you post a comment you cannot delete it, even if you immediately regret posting it. So, the correct reaction is to simply delete the comment.
  • If the commenter is a repeat offender (because you went to the trouble to track his IP address — which is probably illegal, as far as privacy issues are concerned), then block the IP address.

Offensive comments and spam are a fact of life if you run a site. No need to go overboard in your reaction. That was real mean.

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