Mass Layoff of Media Photographers to Increase Business Efficiency

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Fairfax Media owns Australian Publishing Media, which includes the Sydney Morning Herald and the Age, the Financial Review Group, Fairfax Regional Media, Agricultural Media, and the suburban business FCN NSW.

Fairfax has employed the best photographers in Australia, whose work has won multiple awards.

Even being an award-winning photographic department is not good enough to stop Fairfax from making 30 photographers redundant.

“New photographic arrangements would see News, Life and Business in Sydney and Melbourne make greater use of external service provider Getty Images for photographic assignments,” staff were told.

“The proposed changes outlined below are focused on the continuing transformation of our business,” Williams said. “We must deliver our high-quality content in the most efficient way possible.

Allen Williams, Managing director of Australian Publishing Media, Fairfax Media

‘Camera-Toting Drones’

The survival of businesses in the digital world is based on maximizing efficiency. But, how far will businesses go in creating greater efficiency?

Drones can shoot aerial images of newsworthy scenes as well as film locations and angles that previously would not have been possible. Sooner or later, the work of both media photographers and videographers will be done by more sophisticated ‘camera-toting drones’ – in the name of greater efficiency!

"Hexacopter" Drone Flying Camera

“Hexacopter” Drone Flying Camera


  • BBC News has used a “hexacopter” for the first time which allows the filming of locations and angles that previously would not have been possible.
  • Transport correspondent Richard Westcott reports on what difference this kind of technology will make to news.