Macphun Luminar VER. 1.2.1 “Aerial Update” Features Enhancements for Aerial Photographers

Macphun has released a minor update to their All-in-One photo editing and image enhancement solution, Luminar, that includes some enhancements designed for aerial photographers.

The new version (VER. 1.2.1 for the Mac) of Luminar is “inspired by DJI drone photographers” and addresses some of the common challenges that aerial photographers face. These include: being able to reduce noise, cropping to create a better composition, and adding Polarizing and Gradient filters to enhance sunsets and landscapes (just to name a few). Luminar takes often complicated post-processing work and makes enhancing photos simple and easy, all while offering creative inspiration through presets and unique filter effects.

This update will be available free of charge to existing Luminar users, and at our standard pricing of US $59 (CAD $89) for current users of Macphun products, and US $69 (CAD $99) for all new users. Current Luminar users can update to this version by updating inside of the App.

Luminar Aerial Update New Features:

  • Aerial Workspace – Unique new workspace that features the most commonly used editing filtes for aerial photographers, including Macphun’s AI-powered Accent, Dehaze, Polarize and Clarity filters among others.
  • Whites / Blacks Filter – This new filter makes setting the white and black points effortless.
  • One-click Aerial Presets – Instant styling and creative looks for aerial photos.

Visit the Luminar “Aerial Update” Page.

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