London 2012 Olympics Organisers Go Bonkers With Ridiculous Camera Equipment Restrictions

Amateur Photographer is reporting that the London 2012 Olympics organising committee have “clarified” the camera equipment and picture taking / publishing restrictions they put out earlier. If you remember, they had prohibited pictures taken during the Olympics to be posted on blogs. Instead of common sense prevailing, they have decided to tighten things even more.

So, get this, they have restricted ‘Large photographic and broadcast equipment over 30cm in length, including tripods and monopods.’ What they do not really want you to be able to do is to use a telephoto on a tripod to shoot the action up close. No competing with their being able to market photos taken by their own exclusive commercial partners, I guess. Again, it’s all crass commercialism.

Have you ever heard of a more stupid restriction? I can just picture their agents going around the stadiums with a ruler and getting everyone upset. But let’s keep it all quiet [shhhh], shall we, because they have obviously never heard of the mirrorless cameras and their dimunitive tele lenses. The London 2012 Olympics should be a boon for mirrorless camera sales. Crank up the London 2012 mirrorless ads, I say.

Read the article at: Amateur Photographer.