Interview with Adam Pretty on Shooting the 2012 Olympic Games

If you are one of the lucky ones heading to London for the 2012 Summer Olympics, here is an interview at pdn with Getty Images staff photographer Adam Pretty on how he plans to get the best pictures at the Olympics. It’s a tough job.

The Olympics is the toughest test you can have as a sports photographer…. You’re working 16-, 18-hour days, competing against the best photographers in the world. You’ve got to get your pictures out quickly.

Personal tips you may take away from the interview include not using flash (the stadiums are well lighted for TV already, flash is not allowed in many venues and your weak flash won’t make a difference anyway), choosing an interesting background, shooting from overhead, keeping an eye on details and shooting a lot.

Well, if they let you take your camera into the stadium in the first place — and, without a long zoom, you may be relegated to “shooting from overhead” a lot.

Read the article at: pdn.