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Little [Canadian] Drummer Boy Sean Quigley

From seanquiglrymusic

Teen musician Sean Quigley hails from Winnipeg, Canada and his snowy rock n roll rendition of The Little Drummer Boy is a beautiful sight to see. Drummer, Director of Photography, Film Editor, he did it all. All? No, behind the camera, expertly we would add, was his sister. He seemed hesitant to give her credit in a CBC interview so we are calling him out here to reveal who she is because it is expertly filmed.

You did a great job, Sean, but it’s one thing to give directions and set up the camera and another to have the person behind the camera actually pull it off just like you envisioned it. If you want her to continue behind the camera for your future [successful] videos, better give sis her due credit, if only for putting up with you patiently for the many takes required to get all the different angles.

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