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Ah, the joy of using a rangefinder camera with an optical viewfinder!

Update 2022/08/23: This video has been removed by its creator.

Let’s face it, not every joe smloe can afford a Leica rangefinder camera. Here’s a video of one of those lucky guys with a Leica M (6, 7, 8? Probably a 35mm film Leica M6 without a LCD screen) and a Nikon DSLR (looks full frame) shooting his family’s pictures. Problem is, the lens cap is still on! That’s what happens when your camera has a separate optical viewfinder and you don’t have a LCD to review the picture you just took. Nobody else notices the problem except the guy/gal filming the video (why else film the poor bloke so assiduously?) but keeps his/her mouth shut. The photographer senses something is awry and keeps glancing at the settings, but has no clue. Looks like the Pittsburg Penguins need to win the Stanley Cup again.