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Leica IIIa Yields 70-Year-Old Photos

You can help solve a 70-year-old photographic mystery if you recognize any of the people in these old photos recovered from a Leica IIIa.

Talking about a 70-year old trade show closing for good, what about 70-year old pictures that were never developed from a Leica IIIa camera?

Camera collector William Fagan bought a Leica IIIa and a number of film cassettes came with it. One of the cassette still contained undeveloped film. Since these were generic film cassetes, he could not determine the film speed (ASA, or ISO) but with some expert advice he set out to develop and print the pictures.

What the pictures reveal are scenes of a family apparently driving around Europe at various times in their BMWs: a snowy mountain pass in Bavaria; at the La Veduta hotel, on the Julier Pass, in Switzerland; visiting a High Street in Bellagio, on the shores of Lake Como, in northern Italy; and Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse. There are a man, a woman and a family pet in some of the photos.

Why was the film not developed? Forgotten? Lost camera? Stolen camera? Who knows?

Those photos must be from the 1950s, which means the people in them are probably not alive anymore, but their children or grand-children might. So, if anyone recognises the people in the pictures, you can contact Mr Fagan via Mike Evans’s website, using the address:

View more of the photos here.

via BBC