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Lego Star Wars Starring Jar Jar Binks (It’s Good, Very Good)


If there is one character that George Lucas made a monumental mistake on, it’s without doubt Jar Jar Binks. Of course, he will not admit it, even reprising the Jar Jar Binks character in subsequent episodes and giving it a more important role. I cringe everytime I see and hear Jar Jar and the whole movie goes to the dumps every time that character appears.

But someone has rewritten this character’s plot lines and what an improvement! In fact, it’s good, really good! Here, then is Star Wars, retold thru the eyes of an improved Jar Jar Binks character, using cgi graphics (looks like stop-motion but it’s not).

Director: Peder Pedersen
Producer: Ole Holm Christensen

and a whole hosts of contributors (in other words, this ain’t a one-man stop-motion photography show).

source The Star