10 O'Clock Smile

10 O’Clock Smile: Le Petit Chef Entertains While You Wait For Your Meal

Just in time for the digital generation, Le Petit Chef is a clever animation by the clever folks at skullmapping.com that is projected onto your dining table and features a miniature chef (Le Petit Chef) who sets about to gather the ingredients for your dish and cook it.

There are so far only two clips, Bouillabaisse and grilled steak, and everyone at the table currently sees the same animation. Imagine if they could individualize the animation to exactly the dish you ordered–but, on second thoughts, maybe you do not want to know what exactly goes into your dish or how it’s prepared.

It’s all make-believe anyway and great fun, and before you know it, your dish is ready and served. And, for frequent diners, I hope they provide the option to watch something else (if you are eating alone) or turn it off (so you can talk to your dinner companions).

Grilled Steak:

Le Petit Chef from Skullmapping on Vimeo.


Le Petit Chef – Bouillabaisse from Skullmapping on Vimeo.

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