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Kodak C180 Review @ TrustedReviews

Kodak EasyShare C180

Kodak EasyShare C180

TrustedReviews has published their review of the Kodak EasyShare C180 [QuickPrice Check], a strictly (bright) sunny outdoors low budget compact digital camera with "very poor picture quality and non-existent low light performance" and featuring 10.2MP resolution (1/2.3-in. CCD), 3x optical zoom (32-96mm equiv.), 2.4-in. LCD (115K dots), Movie 640 x 480 @ 30fps, Face Detection, and PERFECT TOUCH Technology.

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  • We got this camera a couple days before leaving out of the country and at first we thought it was great the picture quality was pretty good and it snapped pictures really quick but then a couple days into the trip the camera started freezing after taking pictures and that caused us to lose the picture we just took and it would not turn back on til we opened the battery compartment. It also drained brand new batteries (and they were really good batteries not the cheap kind) in less than 30 minutes. I really would not recommend this camera since we lost a lot of good pictures that we took and we had to buy new batteries almost daily. We even tried really good rechargeable batteries and it drained them fast too.