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Just What (or Who) Is the Leica M9?

Rarely has a new digital camera ignited such passion and unabashed profession of love. During the weeks since the Leica M9 [Specs] was introduced, rave reviews have been posted about this camera. I leave you with these statements:

– “The Leica is the smallest, lightest, highest-quality digital camera ever created by the hand of Man.

– “[A]s soon as I heard about the Leica M9, I said, “I WANT YOU!!” to that Leica M9!

Thorsten Overgaard:
– “[The Leica M9] has that “love factor” which has made it a true Leica classic and make you want to use it.

Luminous Landscape:
– “[T]his is by no means a relationship without its heartaches. What love affair is?

Nikonweb probably summarizes it best:
– “I’m in love.

To learn more about why these reviewers are so passionate about their Leica M9, read the reviews in the links provided above.

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Leica M9

Leica M9