Jim Henson’s 75th Brithday

What are the muppets doing on the cover, you ask? Who hasn’t grown up with Jim Henson’s muppets? Kermit the Frog, Fozzie Bear, Miss Piggy, Rizzo the Rat, Rowlf the Dog and myriads of other muppet characters shine a funny and adoringly irreverent but always revealing light back at our own human nature. Big Bird, Elmo, Bert and Ernie speak of simple friendship that we lose too easily when we grow up. Google is honoring the creator of the muppets, Jim Henson, on what would have been his 75th birthday with an interactive doodle. Jim Henson passed away on May 16, 1990 at the age of 53.

Be sure to click on the buttons beneath each muppet for some fun.

The muppets were so popular, they were even used in commercials for Target, Pizza Hut, Ford, Master Card, Disney Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides, and more… and to sell Polaroid cameras:

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