ISS To Broadcast Live, High-Def Stream Of Earth

From Urthecast

A Canadian company with a strange looking name, UrtheCast (but pronounced “Earth cast”), will send two video cameras (one high-definition with 1m resolution) to the International Space Station. These cameras will be attached to the Russian portion of the ISS and they will be trained on our planet. Their footage will be beamed back to Earth and live-streamed across the Internet to create an experience that is like a “video version of Google Earth” — but with the playback functionality of YouTube. You will be able to log in and watch the live streams (starting mid-2012) — or you’ll be able to review past footage from when the ISS last passed over your head.

Imagine what fun it would be if you could independently zoom in to view what your neighbors are doing making that ruckus over the fence. “I am trying to do some work here!” 🙂

I wonder if aliens could hack in and tap into the video feed. You know, use Earth as their background image on TV?

Um, I wonder if I can zoom into the domes and watch hockey games? Um…

They should setup large TV screens in major spots in all cities of the world so people can see what is happening live around the world. Imagine…

You can read more about it at: ExtremeTech.

source @Alyssa_Milano

Remember the first time you ever saw the Earth from space? Amazing, isn’t it, that we all live on this beautiful planet? We could live here in peace and abundance for all, but for some strange reasons, we’ve chosen to compete for food and resources. The Pharaohs have shown us the folly of amassing great personal fortunes that we cannot take with us. But all our endeavors seem to be predicated on this one all-consuming goal: make more money, and destroy my competitors while I am at it.

Maybe with the images of Earth broadcast to our living room TV / PC daily, we can gain a better understanding of how beautiful and fragile our living space is, and how we all belong to the same “race.” After all, the 7B human race might be the only life in all the Universe.