Is Olympus Set to Bring Back the OM, Digital Version?

At least, that’s the rumor.

If there was one film DSLR that captured photographers’ imagination way back when, it was the Olympus OM-1. Olympus showed at that time not just a camera, but a whole system, with a complete stable of lenses, and all the accessories you could think of, from macro photography to astrophotography. My uncle back then who introduced me to photography, promptly sold his Nikon F system (to all his professional photographer friends’ shock) and switched to the smaller, lighter but in every way as good, OM system.

Yes, camera manufacturers have introduced compact mirrorless cameras these last few years but they have always been accompanied by a few lenses and they certainly cannot be considered a full professional system. If all Olympus does is bring out a “retro” OM-D compact mirrorless DSLR, it will have missed the legend of the OM system. On the other hand, if it brings out a whole professional system, it would be just the impetus that serious and even pro photographers need to make the switch — and the race for the top dog compact mirrorless may be over.

However, with a February 2012 announcement, the system part looks very unpromising unless Olympus has been working very hard, very secretly…

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