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Intimacy Dresses And Transparent Screens

Intimacy dresses by Dutch designers Studio Roosegaarde and V2_ are made with interactive technologies and smart e-foils which can become transparent. The electrically-sensitive foils become opaque or transparent according to alterations in current. ‘Intimacy Black’ is made from strips of black material that turn transparent as another person gets closer. ‘Intimacy White’ varies in transparency depending on the wearer’s own interactions with the dress.

The two dresses will be exhibited at Centraal Museum Utrecht from 22 September.

I can’t help wondering if this technology will eventually find a use in ‘transparent’ screens on mobile phones or even digital cameras. That may be one way to have an ‘optical’ display screen (for those who mourn the passage of optical viewfinders) while still allowing information to be strategically displayed onto it.

Read the article and view the video at: dezeen.