Interviews CES 2012 @ Imaging Resource

Interesting series of interviews by Imaging Resource from the camera manufacturers at CES 2012. The first three are from Olympus, Pentax and Fujifilm, with more to follow.

Olympus: Interview with Toshiyuki Terada, Manager and Group Leader of the Product and Marketing Planning Group, Product and Marketing Planning Department at Olympus Imaging Corp., and Sally Smith Clemens, Product Manager at Olympus Imaging America Inc.
Concerning Olympus’ financial problems, “Actually, for our usual business, not so big an impact, we are working usually. Nothing special.

Pentax: Interview with John Carlson, Senior Manager of Sales and Marketing at Pentax Ricoh Imaging Americas Corp.
Pentax is trying very hard to get the “message out there that a small camera [Pentax Q] with a combination of a high quality sensor and a high quality lens is going to give you better results than a compact camera where it’s all combined together.

Fujifilm: Interview with Kayce M. Baker, Director of Marketing in the Electronic Imaging Division of Fujifilm North America Corp.
Fujifilm is making big claims that their new sensor in the X-Pro 1 is “equal in resolution to a full-frame sensor, and signal to noise is equal to a full-frame sensor.