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Interview with Uematsu Michiharu (Panasonic) @ Focus Numérique

Focus Numérique has an interview with Uematsu Michiharu, Manager for the Lumix Digital Interchangeable Lens cameras at Panasonic Japon:

  • 12MP is more than enough for consumer cameras and calls for a stop to the megapixels race.
  • A micro 4/3 videocam? Cameras and Videos are 2 different departments at Panasonic so he has no idea.
  • A 14mm [28mm equiv.] f/2.8 pancake lens is in the works and might be presented at Photokina.
  • Hates the mechanical shutter and shutter noise. The way information is read from the sensor would need to change to switch to an electronic, silent, shutter.
  • The G2 and G10 are a logical evolution to the G1 with improved image quality thanks to the new Venus Engine HD II image processing engine.
  • Lenses now only need to give a sharp image; distortion, vignetting and chromatic aberration can all be corrected in software.

Read the interview at: Focus Numérique [Google English translation].

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