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In the Belly of the Volcano

From geoffmackley

Call me a skeptic but I am always wary of grandiose claims and this one is going viral on the Internet. The post on YouTube claims that:

You will never see anyone closer to a volcano than this…, Our team in Vanuatu ab [scaled] 500 vertical metres into the Marum Volcano on Ambrym Island to the very edge of a huge lake of violently boiling lava – live via sat phone 20 Sept 2010

Now I’ve seen other TV shows similar to that one on Discovery Channel and no one is foolish enough to get too close: one of these molten lava rocks hits you and, special suit or not, you’re probably toast. So, they know to stay a safe distance away. Oh, and everyone forgets there is the cameraman [who always seems to be filming from where the first man ever to visit a place is going toward], though a long zoom will do wonders to flatten perspective and make everything seem closer.

What do you think? Does this video qualify as viral?