The Mindset You Need to Succeed In Your Photography Business

From livesome

If you are in the photography business and wondering how to survive in these tough economic times, PhotoBizCoach Beate Chelette has some advice about the mindset that you need to succeed: make the hard decisions, stay focused and concentrated on things under your control, and stay away from negativity.

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Lots of young people are considering photography as a career but are worried about the negative headlines. There is no doubt that the traditional photography jobs are simply not here anymore and that entering photography as a career can be a risky proposition for our youth. But if you feel this is your calling and you have something to offer, then learn where photography is going, what type of work clients are asking for today, and what [new] skills you may need to develop to answer their needs.

Besides mastering composition, exposure and lighting, other related skills a photographer needs today include making [good] videos, time lapse and stop-motion photography, and post-processing (i.e. Photoshop). Throw into the mix the ability to create and maintain your own website, doing social marketing, targeting and marketing to your clients, public relations,… and you get an idea of the type of well-rounded person a photographer must be today. Some photographers have made a name for themselves by staying up-to-date with — and being the best in — a related emerging technology.