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How Do You See New York?

New York is a city that evokes strong reactions and feelings in people. Is it alive, vibrant, dangerous, crime-ridden, world-class, …. Just how do you see New York?

Reflection New York- Mood Collection from MOOD COLLECTION on Vimeo.

“Reflection” is a movie from ” Mood Collection,” a photographic research. Born with the wish to film New York differently. It’s a quest of pictures and portraits, the night disappearing for a new day… a new begining…

Directed by Paul Mignot

Photography: Mike Simpson/Paul Mignot
Music Ludovico Einaudi

“Reflection ” is one of the four movies shot for “MOOD collection”

The movie is dowloadable in ipod and ipad format on

Shot with Canon 5D Mark II

Canon 50 1.4
Canon 85 1.8
Canon 45 TSE 2.8
Canon 100 macro 2.8