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How Did the iPad Head Girl Get About Without Knocking Into Things and People?

From ipadheadgirl

You’ve seen the iPad Head Girl commercial and it’s a bit strange, to say the least. It’s a promo from CFG (Cosmo For Guys) to advertise their iPad app.

The cool thing about the whole thing, in my opinion, is how the girl oriented herself without stumbling about, knocking into things and people. Did she wear an earpiece with audio instructions where to go, how many steps to the right, etc? Turns out, they used a pretty cool technology: she wore a pair of video glasses connected to a video camera hidden inside her purse! It gave her a point of view lower than she’s used to but a clear view nonetheless of what lay ahead.

Now if we can have those eyeglasses made more ordinary-looking and connected wirelessly to tiny cameras worn around, say, my collar, I could, with just the appropriate tilt of the head direct which camera feeds its view to my glasses. If you see that in some spy movie, you heard about it here first. 😀

via mashable