Pinhole Camera Uses iPhone As Viewfinder

From photowalkthrough

Fast forward to the 2:14 min. mark to see the pinhole camera which uses any 5×4 film holder. The camera’s body itself is made from injection moulded ABS finished with a very durable non-slip coating, features tripod mount positions, two built-in spirit levels, and an accessory mount. Get this: “The accessory mount won’t necessarily be used for a flash. We’ve found that a lot of people liked to use their iPhone as a digital viewfinder. If there’s demand, we might even build our own, custom-made iPhone holder.” Amazing! A pinhole camera that uses the iPhone as a viewfinder!

The first version of Harman’s pinhole camera will be available with a focal length of 72mm, with future plans to release a 110mm and 150mm version, depending on demand. Also in the planning is a version of the pinhole camera with no pin hole! Apparently, some users want to create their own irregular shaped pin holes. Go figure!


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