Google Maps: New Street View App for Android and iOS: For the First Time You Can Tour Immersive 360-degree Imagery & Instantly Contribute Your Own to Google Maps

This is an update to the previous blog, New Ricoh Theta S Portable Camera: Captures High-resolution Spherical Images of Approximately 14 Megapixels, Records Spherical Video in Full HD at 30fps Up to 25 Min., New Bright f/2.0 Lens for Low Light Shooting, Live Streaming (USB/HDMI) .

Today Google Maps is introducing the new Street View app for Android and iOS, which allows you for the first time, to tour immersive 360-degree imagery and instantly contribute your own — right to Google Maps.

  • The Street View app allows you to shoot photo spheres directly from your Android phone or iPhone or connect to spherical cameras like the Ricoh Theta S, or NCTech iris360.
Ricoh Theta S Camera: Spherical Image Courtesy of Ricoh

Ricoh Theta S Camera: Spherical Image Courtesy of Ricoh

Starting today, the Street View app will replace the Photo Sphere Camera app for iPhones and the Street View from Google Maps app on Android phones.