Google Chrome OS to rival MS Windows

Is Microsoft’s dominance about to end? Google is releasing its Chrome Operating System to rival Microsoft’s Windows OS in the autumn. Price: FREE.

This is incredible and has a sickening sweetness to it. After all, it was Microsoft who continually bundled more and more free stuff into its OS and drove many companies who sold these “apps” out of business. Looks like the table is about to be turned.

It took Google less time to come up with a successful browser than it took Microsoft to build IE and get it “right.” And here is Google who is now offering a rival OS totally free. If you still think that Google is about search, think again. It has shown that it wants to own and rule it all. Microsoft, take note. Apple, take note. Nokia, take note. RIM, take note. Is there an area that Google will not stick its fingers in? The future, as Google sees it, is Chrome.

[ via PhysOrg ]
Editor’s note: Just as Apple shifted its rainbow colors to silver, perhaps Google will shift its colors to chrome in the near future?