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Gentec Announces Availability of the Sigma 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM Sport Zoom Lens in Canada

Sigma 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM Sport Zoom

Sigma 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM Sport Zoom

The Sigma Sports product line also welcomes a high-performance, hyper-telephoto zoom lens with the 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM Sport Zoom. This lens is designed to capture fast-moving subjects from a distance and is also ideal for wildlife, aircraft, train, and automotive racing photography. It is designed to meet the demands of professionals and incorporates dust-proof and splash-proof components as well as a water and oil-repellent coating.

It will be available in November for Canon, Nikon and Sigma, the suggested retail price is $2,299.95.


September 15, 2014

Sigma’s new hyper-telephoto 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM | Sport zoom delivers quality images and durability

Gentec International is pleased to announce the new Sigma 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM lens, the latest addition to Sigma’s Sports (S) product line. This high-performance, hyper-telephoto zoom lens gives the world’s most demanding photographers the image quality they require, while maintaining high performance in adverse conditions. This new lens is dust and splash-proof, with water-repellent coatings and features a wide-range of performance improvements, while providing photographers with the 600mm reach they require in the field.

The Sigma 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM | Sport lens has a suggested retail price of $2,299.95 and will be available in November for Canon, Nikon and Sigma cameras.

Sigma 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM Sport Zoom

Sigma 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM Sport Zoom


1. Sports line lenses deliver high-performance to capture all the action
Sigma is organizing its interchangeable lenses into three product lines: Contemporary, Art, and Sports. Featuring high-performance optics, the Sports line helps photographers get exactly the shot they want. These lenses are designed to capture fast-moving subjects, even at distance. This professional-quality line also offers a variety of functions to aid the photographer in challenging conditions and scenarios.

The 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM is not only suited to sports photography, but is also ideal for nature and wildlife photography, and for photographing aircraft, trains, racing cars, and more. By incorporating 2 FLD (“F” Low Dispersion) glass elements, which have performance equal to fluorite, and 3 SLD (Special Low Dispersion) glass elements, this lens achieves class leading image quality for today’s demanding sensors. Another significant feature of the Sports line is the wide range of customization options; using the software provided, many settings can be tailored to the personal preferences of the photographer.

2. Water and oil-repellent coatings on front and rear elements
Both front and rear elements in the Sigma 150-600mm lens have received a specially designed water and oil- repellent coating that allows water to be easily wiped away and prevent oil or grease from sticking to the surface, even in adverse weather conditions.

3. Dust-proof and splash-proof construction
Designed to meet the demands of professionals, the rugged new lens incorporates dust-proof and splash-proof components, such as the mount attachment, manual ring, zoom ring, and control switches.

4. Accelerometer enables panning photography in both vertical and horizontal positions
The Optical Stabilizer system incorporates the use of an accelerometer for accurate positioning of the stabilizing element. OS Mode 1 is suitable for general handheld photography, while Mode 2 is ideal for panning and tracking of motorsports or birds in flight. The accelerometer works to detect horizontal or vertical camera positioning, and compensates accordingly.

5. Compatibility with new Sigma teleconverters, maintaining autofocus at F8
When used with Sigma’s new 1.4x teleconverter (TC-1401), this lens becomes a MF 210-840mm F7-9 hyper- telephoto lens and may maintain autofocus up to F8 when used with compatible camera bodies. With the Sigma 2x teleconverter (TC-2001), this lens becomes a MF 300-1200mm F10-12.6 hyper-telephoto lens.

Sigma 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM Sport Zoom

Sigma 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM Sport Zoom


  • Optical stabilizer (OS)
    Sigma’s optical stabilizer (OS) system offers the use of shutter speeds up to 4 stops slower than would otherwise be possible for steady handheld telephoto photography. The OS system has two modes: Mode 1 is suitable for general photography and Mode 2 is best for panning shots of subjects such as planes or racing cars. It is possible to adjust the OS function using the USB Dock.
  • Designed to reduce flare and ghosting
    Advanced optical design and Sigma’s Super Multi-Layer Coating reduces flare and ghosting and provides sharp, high-contrast images, even in backlit conditions.
  • Hyper Sonic Motor (HSM)
    The Hyper Sonic Motor (HSM) ensures quiet, high-speed autofocusing, as well as full-time manual focus override by rotation of the focus ring. With the enhanced AF algorithm, smoother autofocusing is achieved. Full-time manual focus is also possible. Using the USB Dock, it’s possible to adjust the AF speed as desired.
  • Rounded diaphragm
    The 9-blade rounded diaphragm creates an attractive blur to the out-of-focus areas of the image.
  • Brass bayonet mount
    A specially treated brass bayonet mount ensures maximum precision, greater strength, and superior durability for long-term use.
  • Evaluation with Sigma’s “A1” MTF measuring system
    Replacing an MTF measuring system using conventional sensors, Sigma now employs a proprietary MTF (modulation transfer function) measuring system (A1) using 46-megapixel Foveon direct image sensors. Previously undetectable high-frequency details are now within the scope of Sigma’s quality control inspections.
  • Mount conversion Service
    This lens is eligible for Sigma’s Mount Conversion Service, a paid service that lets you change the mount to use the lens on a different camera body. For program details, visit
  • Made in Japan
    All Sigma’s manufacturing, including molds and parts, is carried out under an integrated production system entirely in Japan. Sigma is now one of the very few manufacturers whose products are solely “made in Japan”, with each product reflecting a combination of expertise, advanced technology, and genuine craftsmanship.

For more information, please contact Samantha Eng, Cohn & Wolfe, at 416-924-5700, extension 4031, or email

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