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Fujifilm: New FUJINON UA80x9 and UA22x8 2/3-inch 4K U-HDTV Lenses are On Board Europe’s First 4K UHD Outside Broadcast (OB)-Van

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FUJIFILM’s Optical Devices Division “Fujinon” delivers newly developed 4K UHD 2/3-inch lenses to Europe’s first 4K OB-Vans


On a global scale Fujifilm has already received numerous orders for the new UA80x9 and UA22x8 2/3-inch 4K U-HDTV lenses which have been available since July 2015 as production companies around the world are embracing the new 4K format. In Europe “Timeline Television Ltd” was the first major client to acquire the new UA-Series for their newly built 4K UHD OB-Van (Outside Broadcast Vehicle) which was built by Timeline Television’s System Integration division. The unit contains the latest UHD 4K technology including Sony 4300 2/3 inch UHD 4K cameras, Sony UHD 4K PWS-4400 server and the world’s first  4K UHD Fujinon 2/3- inch lenses UA80x9 (9-1440mm) EFP box and UA22x8 ( 8-352mm) ENG lenses.

FUJINON optics on board Europe's first 4K UHD OB-Van

FUJINON optics on board Europe’s first 4K UHD OB-Van

Also on board Snell Kahuna UHD 4K vision mixer and Sirius router, Axon signal processing equipment & Axon Cerebrum control system,  EVS XT3 UHD 4K servers, Grass Valley Kaleido-Modular-X multiviewers & Belden cable. The new unit was built in conjunction with BT Sports who have awarded Timeline a four-year contract.

Mr. Dan McDonnell, Managing Director of Timeline Television, said: “Timeline has always been at the forefront of technology and UltraHD is the cutting edge.  The challenge of this emerging standard has been to work with manufacturers to find solutions to enable UHD productions to be made to the same high standards as previously achieved with HD content. I am pleased to strengthen our long relationship with BT Sport by supplying UHD 4K OB services. Furthermore, I would like to congratulate FUJINON on the development of the new UA-Series 2/3” inch 4K UHD lenses as these will enable us to deliver the purest image quality to our valued clients and TV broadcast audiences around the globe”.

FUJINON optics on board Italy’s first 4K UHD OB-Van

FUJINON optics on board Italy’s first 4K UHD OB-Van

Another recent OB Van project was acquired with Italian OB Company “Telerecord Srl” Italian outside broadcast company Telerecord recently completed the installation of their new 4K UHD OB-Van Unit 26. The new outside broadcast vehicle will be equipped with Sony HDC-4300 cameras, they will be optically enhanced by Fujinon 4K UHD 2/3-inch UA-Series UA80x9BE and UA22x8BE lenses. Telerecord has recently extended their contract with SKY Sports to produce the UEFA Champions League and the Italian Lega Serie-A in  the new 4K UHD format.

Mr. Giovanni Bertini, CEO & Owner of Telerecord Srl comments: “With the migration to the 4K UHD format we have committed to delivering the best image quality; this will elevate the viewing experience of our customers. It was not an easy choice to make, but after evaluating current 4 K UHD acquisition technologies we decided for UA80x9BE & UA22x8BE 4K UHD 2/3 inch Fujinon lenses and Sony HDC-4300 cameras as this combination delivered the highest dynamic range with the best optical quality.”

The new UA-Series 2/3-inch 4K UHD lenses UA80x9BESM (9-720mm 1:1.7) and UA22x8BERD (8-176mm 1:1.8) have a high dynamic range and integrated 16-bit encoders that provide high-resolution lens data output including extremely accurate zoom, iris and focus data. This capability and interface promise enhanced compatibility with virtual systems for composing CG with live broadcast images which is critical for any Sport’s production environment. Excellent 4K imaging quality of even distant detail are thus faithfully conveyed to the camera by elevating the optical performance in the frequency bands that carry the vast majority of imaging light. High-fidelity transmittance of ‘blacks’ to the camera is essential to imaging expression and Fujinon lenses achieve this by increasing red and blue transmittance ratios.

Ever since the first color television content aired in 1962, FUJIFILM has been involved in the development of broadcast-quality lenses for the television industry. Then, as now, our mission is to provide production professionals with ‘high-performance, high-quality’ lenses. Fujinon’s lens commitment to quality has won the acclaim and trust of both the broadcasting and cinema Industries, recognized through three Emmy Awards for outstanding technological developments, as well as IF and Red Dot Design Awards. Now, with the full-scale shift to 4K broadcasting on the horizon; Fujinon, along with other manufacturers, is looking to deliver the next-generation of production technology to capture and transmit 4K UHD content to viewers in Europe and beyond.

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