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Find the Cat

Some people are good at hiding in plain sight. They stop moving and disappear into the background. Like Waldo. Or, Ninjas. Well, there’s supposed to be a cat taking a nap somewhere on these logs, Ninja-style, in this photo. Can you spot it?

jmankruse submitted this on Reddit a month ago and some folks are still searching for the elusive Llyod, the orange tabby.

I tried to cheat and use Face Detection on my camera but it couldn’t find it. I believe some cameras have Pet Detection? If you do, and it works, let us know.

Hint: Start scanning the logs horizontally from the top and you should see the cat.

Give up? The solution is here.


Bonus round: Spot the iPhone on the carpet (hint: look for the tell-tale camera lens and the phone’s in a dark case with white flowers. You’re welcomed.)