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Ernest Hemingway’s Leica Is On Auction

Fancy owning Ernest Hemingway’s Leica IIIf? It, together with the cameras pictured above, will be up for grabs to the highest bidder on October 30 by Leica specialists Tamarkin Camera. Here’s what a Leica IIIf looks like.

Interested? Check out more details at: Tamarkin Camera.


“Hemingway Leica” and a Black Leica MP-31 in Tamarkin Camera Auction

More than 250 Leica, Rollei, Nikon rangefinder, and other unusual photographic items will be sold to camera collectors around the world in Tamarkin’s October auction

WOODBRIDGE, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tamarkin Photographica today announced their next bi-annual Leica rare camera auction. The auction will feature a beautiful black Leica MP-31, Ernest Hemingway’s personal Leica IIIf, a chrome Leica MP-332, a Leica Compur-Summicron, and other collectible cameras and lenses. “We’re very proud of the rare camera auction’s reputation in the Leica community and thank our old and new friends who participate,” said Stan Tamarkin, the auctioneer of Tamarkin Photographica, LLC.

Other highlights in the auction will be a Leica M4 MOT with Motor, rigid 50mm Summar, Thambar, Leica M7 Titan, black Leica M3, Leica 250 Reporter, a Rolleiflex Titan and Aurum, and much more. “The thrill of the hunt and assembling camera collections that match our customers enthusiasm is what drives us,” added Tamarkin.