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30 Gifts To 30 Strangers Behind The Scenes

30 gifts to 30 strangers in Sydney from Lucas Jatoba on Vimeo.

When Lucas Jatoba turned 30, he decided to celebrate by passing on some of the kindnesses he received when he moved to Australia from Brazil. With the help of some friends, they selected 30 gifts, wrapped them up and handed them out to complete strangers.

On the making of you will see funny things that happened while I was giving away the presents: a woman that gave me some bread, a little kid stealing one of the presents from a woman and escaping, a group of friends giving me something, people playing with their gifts, an Aussie girl learning Brazilian Portuguese and more.

And here you’ll find some pictures we took on the day:

via thedailywhat

And here’s the behind the scenes:

Making of – 30 gifts to 30 strangers from Lucas Jatoba on Vimeo.