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Epson’s First Holiday Gift Idea of the Week: PowerLite Home Cinema 2030 2D/3D 1080p 3LCD Projector



The First Holiday Gift Idea of the Week:

Press ‘pause’ on life and ‘play’ on family time with the Epson Home Cinema 2030 Projector

The holidays can be the most wonderful time of the year and also the busiest. There are long gift and to-do lists to ensure that all the shopping, gift wrapping and party planning gets done.

Sometimes you have to remind yourself to slow down and enjoy the moment with the people closest to you. What better way is there to get close than to make some hot chocolate, cuddle up under blankets and press “play” on a classic holiday movie?

Epson’s PowerLite Home Cinema 2030 is the perfect companion for your much needed movie night and can make Santa look 25 times larger than on your 60-inch TV with up to 300-inches of image projection. This projector offers a 2D and 3D cinematic experience with full HD 1080p technology. It also features Bright 3D Drive Technology which minimizes the blackout time of 3D glasses and provides greater brightness of 3D images.

powerlite home-cinema-2030-projector

We know it’s hard for families to agree on movies sometimes, so here’s a list of Epson’s top 10 Holiday Movies.

Epson’s Top 10 Holiday movies

  1. A Charlie Brown Christmas – An age old classic that’s sure to resonate with the whole family
  2. A Christmas Story –This movie is a picture of Christmas and family life in 1950s small-town America.
  3. I’ll be Home for Christmas – Your teenagers will love this comedy about a college student’s mishaps on his way home for Christmas.
  4. Home Alone – Good, clean slapstick humour.
  5. Elf – Experience a childish love for Christmas through the adventures of Buddy, the Elf.
  6. How The Grinch Stole Christmas – Enjoy some good ol’ Jim Carrey humour and some Dr. Seuss cheer.
  7. Love Actually – A series of Christmas love stories that even your husband can enjoy, even if he pretends he doesn’t.
  8. Miracle on 34th Street – Great for parents whose children’s beliefs are beginning to wane. A wonderful story of a man who manages to convince a court of law that he is genuinely Santa Clause.
  9. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation –Get ready to cry… or laugh! Follow the Griswold family on their Christmas vacation.
  10. The Santa Clause – Tim Allen becomes Santa Clause. Enough said.

Available at Epson.ca for $1099.