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Cute Little Girl Is Samsung Ad

From naturalinfluence

It’s a cute video of a little girl seemingly just jumping around on a mat but you need to know it’s also an ad — a viral one at that. For the observant viewer, it gives itself away at the 0:16 mark when the two adults join in and execute their choreography, somehow anticipating the moves the little girl is going to make (in other words, she isn’t just jumping around). As the video progresses, it becomes more and more clear this is not a homemade video but a carefully orchestrated ad and (for me) the disappointment sets in. You just want to block the top four fifths of the video off and avoid watching the prancing adults. Somehow I feel cheated.

It may be difficult in the future to tell ads apart from homemade videos if this new kind of ad masquerading as homemade video takes off as the next advertising trend. We might need some kind of [voluntary?] industry label to help us identify ads.

There are lots of ads that make us laugh and entertain us but it is dubious if they actually help with top-of-mind brand recognition or increase sales.

source Y! buzz