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Cool Photo Project: 365 Things in 365 Days

You get a lot done in one year. If you’re keeping tabs, that is.

John Loerchner and Laura Mendes decided to make New Year resolutions during the first few weeks of January 2012 and have been steadily knocking them off their list one at a time. How is this possible, you ask, when most of us common humans can’t even keep one resolution, never mind 365?

Well, as most experts will recommend, keep your resolutions attainable. Write down the things that interest you. Tailor them to your interests, your time schedule, your finance, your spirit (or lack thereof) of adventure.

Take a look at their 365thingsin365days photo blog and notice how many “things” are really, really easy to do. Others require more elaborate planning and time (and money) investment. Or, as Laura wrote on their Day 1 entry:

Most of the reasons for not doing the things we want to do have little to do with the usual suspects (i.e. lack of time or money) but rather, choice. The choice to NOT do them. Strange logic, I know. But really, think about all the things that you want to do in your life that you could do pretty easily but don’t, simply because you choose not to do them.

Got a brand new camera but lacking motivation to do much with it (or with your still great current camera)? This may be a cool photo project if you’re looking to jumpstart your photography this new year. Do it as a family, do it as a couple (as John and Laura so beautifully did) or do it just by yourself. If you don’t see any posts for the next few days, it may be that I am busily writing my list.

Visit our Featured Site: 365thingsin365days.

Notes: You don’t need to get all tied up in knots if you don’t do one every day. Knock off a couple in one day, take a sick day off, don’t set an end date (as the Mayan Calendar did or didn’t). Enjoy, let the creative juice flow. If you are doing this project as a couple or family, let it bring you closer not stress you out. Just because an item is on your list does not mean you HAVE to do it. You’re in charge. Change your mind. Strike it off the list. Add a new one. Have fun.

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