Where To Download The User’s Manual For Your Camera

More and more camera manufacturers are now shipping their cameras without a hardcopy of the camera’s User (aka, Operating or Instruction) Manual. Instead, they either provide an electronic version on a CD or simply provide a link to their website.

Some of us still prefer the convenience of having a hardcopy at our fingertips for easy reference, though you’d have to rely on the completeness of the index at the back. An electronic version is therefore handy to have since it is searchable on every word in the manual.

If you have purchased a used camera and a user manual did not come with it, you can now download a copy online. Since many of us are now very used to the tablet for reading, an electronic version of the user manual downloaded onto the tablet won’t add any extra weight in your backpack.

Below is a list of the URLs where you can download user manuals for the various camera companies (we’ve also included printers). Note that some of them go directly to a user manuals download page while others may require you to specify the specific camera. Often, on the same page, you may also download the latest firmware updates for your camera. Also, though the links we have provided are for the English version of the user manuals, some of these pages have either a link to switch to the language of your choice or give you a choice of language for the user manual you want to download.

As many of you have found out, these links do unfortunately change over time. If you encounter a broken link, please do let us know and we’ll update it. Thanks!