Blurb Made by You: Give a Gift as Thoughtful as You Are With a Book from Blurb



Give a Gift as Thoughtful as You Are

With a Book from Blurb

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the past year and cherish the memories you’ve created with loved ones. Creating a book with Blurb, an online self-publishing platform is a fun activity for family to share and also makes for a meaningful and inspired gift for the holiday season.


Blurb author Jane Stokes understands the importance of preserving memories – a notion that goes beyond the traditional photobook – to create meaningful books like the memoir she wrote with and gifted to her mother, Charlotte Stokes.

The following video presents Writing a memoir with Jane and Charlotte Stokes.

It’s said that everyone has a book inside them. For Jane Stokes, Managing Editor at News Canada, that book was a memoir of her 86-year-old mother, Charlotte. Written in collaboration between mother and daughter, “Are you ready for a bumpy ride?” chronicles Charlotte Stokes’s turbulent journey from war-time Germany to England and then to Canada. We were lucky enough to be able to chat with Jane and Charlotte about the importance of making a book about the twists and turns—and the bumps—in one woman’s life.

The holidays aren’t just about reflection and preservation, but are also a time for planning ahead and making resolutions. Blurb takes an out-of-the-box approach when it comes to gift-giving this holiday season.

This video pesents Welcome to Blurb!

Three different bookmakers. Three different stories. Create your own book at

Here are some Blurb holiday book ideas for inspiration:

  • Photo book – Create a photo book that documents your 2014 adventures. Publish a book that documents a special occasion like a wedding, birthday, or other milestone event.
  • Planners – Start your year on the right foot with a planner you’ll actually want to look at! Weave your favourite photos into a personalized planner and see your special memories interspersed throughout your appointments all year long.
  • Facebook/Instagram books – Get those photos off the web and into a Blurb book! There’s no better way to summarize a year than by creating a book from your Instagram or Facebook photos. (And Blurb makes it really easy to do, too!)
  • Travel books – Do you know someone who went on a big trip this year? Why not compile their photos into a travel book so they can keep reliving the memories they created for years to come.
  • Cookbooks – Compile your favorite recipes, sprinkle in delicious food photos, and stir. Making a cookbook with Blurb is almost as easy as boiling water.
  • Family history book – Turn your old family photos, stories and scanned hand-written letters into a book that commemorates the clan.”

Blurb. Where your ideas become great books.