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BLACKPINK: Lisa and Her Cameras

I know it's one big heavy Pentax 67 medium format film SLR, but that's not how you carry it Lisa!

Blackpink: The Movie just came out and some of you may be wondering just who are those four girls and what is all the fuss about. Blackpink is arguably the biggest South Korean K-pop Girl Group singers and dancers in the world and landed on my TikTok #FYP a while back, and you can barely avoid them. They’re great fun and I especially like the Behind The Scenes peek, the jokes they pull at one another, and the willingness to show their imperfections for everyone to see and share on social media.

I was also particularly interested everytime one of them pulled out a camera. Whether the camera belonged to them, is borrowed from one of the staff that constantly surround and follow them, a product placement (won’t be surprised here), a gift from a manufacturer (see product placement), or just a prop for a pretty picture, I couldn’t tell you. Anyway, I found it interesting and started collecting screenprints of them with a camera.

Lisa seems to be the one who is most into photography, with some pretty expensive Leicas as well as other cheaper brands (that she “might” or “might not” lend to her buddies). So, today, here is Lalisa (Lisa) Manoban and her cameras:

These are screenprints from TikTok. I have left the TikTok handles for those who want to take a closer look and follow the original posters.

VIDEO: Lisa and her Leicas [starts at 4:27]

VIDEO: Lisa’s Camera Collection:

And she’s not sharing the expensive ones:

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