Best Use of A Plain White Background

There are wedding videos and there is the LaPenderson Wedding Video. Congrats, Carissa and Adam, Best Wishes, Happy Days and All Other Such Good Things!

You’ve got to admit that they’ve got the best guests ever if some will open their shirts for the video. If you plan to film such a video, do remember to do it after the actual wedding ceremony / dinner when it doesn’t matter anymore if tuxedos get wet or dresses get wrinkled.

It’s amazing what some people will do when they wear a silly hat, a giant pair of glasses, clown-size bow tie and you put confetti into their hands. It seems to have been fun for everyone and the videography crew must have had a blast filming and editing it all. Mike Jensen, hats off! Best use of a plain white background, a Red EPIC, slomo, and video song that actually fits the video.