Autographer Defines New Movement in Image Capture-Contest: Submit by Feb.19, 2014, 6pm GMT / 10am PST



This video presents “Autographer product video.”

  • “Autographer, is an intelligent, wearable camera developed by OMG plc, world-leading and Oscar winning motion capture specialists.
    • It uses technology developed by Microsoft Research to capture images when its sensors (light, temperature, compass, motion and acceleration) are triggered.
  • This innovative product is pushing the boundaries of image capture as we currently understand them, and has introduced the concept of Autography as a compliment to Photography.”

Autographer is the world’s first “intelligent, wearable camera”.

  • Developed by the team who designed the motion graphics for Oscar nominated film Gravity, Autographer is a new type of camera which enables spontaneous, hands-free image capture using world-leading technology including a custom eye-view lens (136° wide angle), OLED display screen, an ultra-small GPS unit and five built-in sensors.
  • “Autographer takes pictures in a completely new way – it creates evocative, true-to-life images that are much more atmospheric than the average photograph.”

autographer and bbh contest

Photograph for Autographer and BBH

Define the new movement in image capture

Talenthouse, the global creative network for artists, has teamed up with Autographer to offer aspiring photographers a chance to power up their careers, earn money, and have their work featured in a major new advertising campaign with BBH London for Autographer.

  • Autographer and BBH are searching for the most innovative creative talent to help launch their revolutionary hands-free camera and have their work featured in an official BBH print advert.
    • “This is uncharted territory: Autography, not Photography, and they want to find talented creatives to show the world what the Autographer can do.”
  • No purchase necessary.

“To enter this once in a lifetime opportunity, creatives are invited to submit their ‘Autography’ – the type of photos that Autographer was made for – you know the sort: that perfect photo you took by accident. The photographs must be original work and taken on any device, but must represent that perfect moment of unposed ‘autography’.”

Have you ever felt that you’ve missed the moment because you were behind the lens rather than truly being in the experience? Do you have that perfect photo that you took by accident but is the “perfect blend of atmosphere, unposed subject and timing?”

  • These are the images that Autographer was made for, and they are looking for imaginative creatives with a gift for candid capture to express this authenticity. For more inspiration, please check out the gallery on their website.
  • Autographer together with a panel of judges will select from all qualified submissions.
    • The community can support their favorite submissions through social voting via Facebook and Twitter
      • When sharing on social media, please use the hash tag: #Autographyis.
      • The host will also select an artist from the top 10% of the highest voted submissions.
  • The judges will select 10 finalists who will need to upload their new images, taken on the Autographer that will be sent to them after the first round, to their Talenthouse portfolio.
    • The selected finalists will be given an Autographer for a month of Autography putting the device to the test.
      • Each finalist will then be given a new brief and asked to submit a series of images that tell a story through Autography.
    • The 10 chosen finalists should upload an image to their Talenthouse portfolio in the second round with no Photoshop or additional editing programme adjustments applied.
  • One overall winner will be selected from the ten finalists by the judging panel, and will receive the following prizes:
    • your work featured in the next Autographer advert, designed and produced by one of the world’s leading Creative Agencies, BBH London;
    • $1,000; and
    • exposure on Talenthouse, Autographer and BBH’s official social channels.
  • The creative selected by the community and the host will receive the following prizes:
    • exposure across Autographer and BBH’s official social channels and
    • $500.

Contest Schedule: All phases close at 6pm GM / 10am PST.

  • Submit By: February 19, 2014
  • Voting Period: February 20, 2014 – February 27, 2014
  • Artist Selection: March 13, 2014

Please note:

“When you submit a work to Talenthouse as an entry, you grant Talenthouse a limited license to use your work. You always own the copyright in your work. Talenthouse never owns the copyright in your work.

If you are selected as a winner, then in exchange for a prize, you may be required to license or assign your work to the host providing the prize. If you do not want to license or assign your work in exchange for a prize, an alternate winner will be selected and you will retain copyright in your work.”

Here is the link to enter your submissions and for more info: .

Good Luck!