2014 Photocrati Fund Competition: Apply Before April 18, 2014 at 11:59pm Mountain Standard Time (USA)

This video presents “2014 Photocrati Fund Announcement.”

  • Your chance to win a $5,000 humanitarian photography grant.
  • The Photocrati Fund, a $5000 grant to support an environmental or humanitarian photography project, is offered to one photographer each year.
  • “The aim is to invest in photographers who will have a long-term positive impact. Our goal is to identify outstanding, photographers and to provide the resources necessary to pursue projects that will have a tangible and positive effect on the world.”

The Photocrati Fund provides a $5,000 grant to one photographer each year to help support an environmental or humanitarian photography project.

  • At the completion of the project, the grant winner’s images will be displayed as a photo essay on Photocrati.
    • The Grantee (i.e. the award winner/photographer) will have 12 months from the announcement of the award to complete his or her project and to provide Photocrati Fund staff with a Project Report and captioned Photo Essay.
  • The funds are intended to help cover the costs of travel, lodging, and related expenses for roughly one-month of full time photography.
    • The funds will be disbursed in two portions as follows.

      1. Photocrati Fellows will receive $4000 up-front prior to the project.
      2. The remaining $1000 will be disbursed to the Grantee upon completion of the project and upon receipt of a Project Report/ photo essay (for the Photocrati website) from the project.
  • The winner and top finishers are selected by a prestigious panel of some of the world’s top environmental and cultural photographers.
    • The grant winner will be announced at the end of June 2014.
  • Eligibility Requirements:
    • This grant is intended for both pro and emerging photographers.
    • The grant is open to photographers over 21 years of age from any country worldwide, but applicants should have a proven ability to produce outstanding imagery and coherent photo essays, as well as the background necessary to carry out the proposed project.
      • This means that for photographers planning to complete a project in a country other than their own country of origin, there should be a clear demonstration of preparation for work in that country (i.e. proper visas, contacts, language training, etc.), and preferably some experience in the country or a good deal of experience and understanding of the culture and language/customs.
  • Grant applicants should submit a one-page project statement (including a rough budget) and bio, along with a link to an online portfolio of 20-30 themed images to:
    • All applications must be submitted in English, online to the following email address:
      • Please include the words 2014 PHOTOCRATI FUND in the subject of the email.
    • The application deadline is April 18, 2014 at 11:59pm Mountain Standard Time (USA).

For complete Photocrati Fund rules and guidelines please see visit the Photocrati Fund page.

The Grantee (i.e. the award winner/photographer) retains all copyright and ownership of images resulting from the project, including the right to sell, print, or distribute images as he or she sees fit. (This means that if you win, you keep the rights to your images.)

By accepting the grant, the Grantee (the award winner) agrees, however, to give Photocrati a worldwide, non-exclusive right to display images included in the Grantee’s photo essay on the website. The Grantee also gives Photocrati the right to use the images from the photo essay on its website, in printed materials, or in galleries for the purpose of promoting the Photocrati Fund. (This means that if you win, you allow us to use a select set of your images in our publications and on our website to promote the grant.)

The imagery produced by the grantee (the award winner) may be licensed (and sold) to others by Grantee (the award winner), with the understanding and explicit agreement that the images may also be used by Photocrati in the manner mentioned above. (This means that if you win, you can sell your images however you like, but that you allow us to use a set of them — which you pick — to promote the grant. People often ask us if we plan to sell the winner’s images — NO! We are not in the business of selling other photographer’s images!).

Good Luck!