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Apple [Magic] TrackPad

Apple Magic TrackPad

Apple Magic TrackPad

Apple is really enamored with the “magic” label these days and has today announced the wireless “Magic” TrackPad — “The largest Multi-Touch trackpad ever.” For Apple desktop users with MacBook Pro trackpad envy.

The Magic TrackPad is “just like the trackpad on the MacBook Pro — but bigger.

So, what can you do with the Magic TrackPad that is so magical? Scroll, swipe, pinch, and rotate to your fingers’ content — with the entire surface acting as a giant button that clicks.

Unfortunately, you cannot use a stylus and draw precisely on it, nor can you use it for detailed image editing in Photoshop.

Learn more and buy it, already [it’s only $69] at: Apple.

What next? Maybe get rid of the keyboard completely with one huge trackpad and superimposed touch sensitive keyboard? Next, superimpose the whole on the screen display itself? Oh, wait that’s the iPad. So, next is a giant iPad.

P.S. I do so love my MacBook Pro.

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