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Apple iPad in the Field @ byThom

Apple iPad

Apple iPad

As much as I enjoy my iPad, I’ve yet to find a photographic usage that I’d carry it to a shoot for.

How does the Apple iPad fare in the field as a photographer’s companion? Thom Hogan finds out if the Apple iPad with the Camera Connection Kit [QuickPrice Check] can replace a laptop to field review images and get images to press ASAP.

Read the full article at: byThom [search for “iPad in the Field?”].

Luminous Landscape [25 April, 2010] remarks that the Camera Connection Kit would make “the iPad an ideal travel / storage / backup / review device for photographers working in the field.” It seems to us more like a casual remark than a firm opinion based on actual field testing of the iPad. We might yet see a field review of the iPad later on LL.

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  • The iPad is great for reviewing photos, however even if you use small JPGS it soon fills up and I’ve found no way of selecting a whole album to delete other than connecting to a PC and operating on the file system from there, and even then it’s flaky 🙁